Features that provide iGaming users with more flexibility and a more enjoyable gaming experience.

Even if this tendency has a substantial impact on the development of the industry, technology is one of the primary driving reasons behind its expansion. For companies who provide iGaming-related services to give gamers with the greatest possible experience, they must be innovative in order to remain competitive. Slow Internet connections and insufficient gameplay speed are two of the issues that online gaming aficionados have to deal with. The addition of new features to Wazdan’s games has proven to be beneficial.

Wazdan is a firm that specializes in new casino games that are produced in line with the concept of “mobile first,” offering players with unique pleasure across a wide range of operating systems. As a result of developing games using HTML5 technology, Wazdan has grown more prominent in the online gaming sector. Over 130 titles in the publisher’s library have been upgraded with new features developed by the company. They provide players the ability to personalize their gaming according to their own tastes, allowing them to exercise their freedom of choice.

Wazdan is a place of innovation.

The first of them is Volatility LevelsTM, which is a proprietary Wazdan feature. It provides players with the ability to customize their wins and the frequency of their outruns via the use of three different degrees of volatility – low, standard, and high – and so allows them more flexibility of choice. Winnings are lesser at lower levels, but they occur more often. Big victories are more common at the highest level, while they are less frequent at the lowest level. Players seeking a more balanced experience may choose for the regular level, which has a fair distribution of prizes as well as the frequency with which they occur.

Ultra Fast Mode is the second feature available. In the fast expanding world of online gaming, the new option enables gamers to considerably improve the pace at which they play their games. When the feature is engaged, the reels begin to spin in a matter of seconds. Ultra Fast Mode has no effect on the game’s algorithms or return on investment (RTI) (Return to Player). Those who are more impatient, on the other hand, will benefit from it.

Ultra Lite Mode, which was developed for gamers who have a sluggish Internet connection, is yet another improvement. This method dramatically decreases the amount of time it takes for the game to load. The Wazdan investigation found that gamers may potentially launch their favorite games up to five times quicker. Some of the more complex animations have been removed, but the general feel and ambiance of the games have remained same, enabling players to experience genuinely smooth gameplay throughout the whole game.

Another element that enhances the gaming experience is the use of the Big Screen Mode. It enables players to increase the size of the reels view so that it takes up the full screen. Players may customize the way the game appears on their devices by selecting one of two zoom settings available to them. The game logo and side animations have been trimmed, and the specific control panel has been replaced with universal controls that have been put on the right side of the reels, similar to the mobile view. Allowing players to concentrate only on the exciting action going place on the reels of their favorite slot game is made possible by this one-of-a-kind feature.

This is not the only thing that Wazdan has to offer, though.

Three more elements are available in the publisher games, which have already become industry standards. The importance of their function, on the other hand, cannot be overstated, since it considerably enhances the whole gaming experience.

The first of them is the One-of-a-Kind Gamble Feature. Players have a 50/50 chance of quickly doubling their winnings if they use this feature after each successful spin. This feature may be used up to seven times in a row following each winning spin. Built with the individual themes of each game in mind, and including stunning visuals and animations, this is an amazing new feature that you won’t want to miss out on.

The Buy Feature is another simple-to-use feature that allows players to take use of the full potential of the game and purchase the required benefits in a convenient manner at any moment, so significantly increasing player satisfaction.

In addition, there is an Energy Saving Mode option. This simple, but ingenious feature enables gamers to significantly increase the battery life of their devices by over 40%! Aimed primarily for mobile players, Energy Saving Mode is ideal for individuals who are on the go or don’t have access to a power outlet.

The changes provided by Wazdan were designed to allow players to perform at their highest level on the field. The organization is always looking for innovative solutions to ensure that every player can enjoy online gaming, regardless of the device they are using or the speed of their connection to the Internet. Wazdan is motivated by the concept of “freedom of choice,” and its games, in addition to offering a variety of unique and innovative features, also include a variety of settings that allow players to tailor the game and its functions to their individual preferences. Wazdan is based in the United Kingdom.

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