Still no change in SA Online Casino Laws

After years of uncertainty, the South African government has yet to establish a definite stance on how they propose to regulate the country’s already flourishing but illegal online casino business.

We were close in 2008, but like with many government programs, other ones took precedence. In reality,

by ignoring the expanding online casino business, the South African government is denying millions in potential tax income and alienating thousands of individuals with gambling addiction. There is potential for a vast secondary supporting sector that might provide jobs and help people in need.

Currently, the only legal type of internet gambling in South Africa is sports betting with a registered bookmaker. Despite the fact that internet gambling is illegal in the nation, there are several sites that provide casino games, poker, and bingo.

As previously said, this almost happened in 2008. Following the modification of the National Gambling Act,

the SA government committed to regulate other forms of gambling, including as greyhound racing and internet gambling. They created a task team and signed a new measure into law.

The legislation was never published or assigned a start date. This harmed an already fragile online casino business, as fresh and enthusiastic operators wishing to start up shop began flooding the South African online gaming realm.

They went to South Africa because they heard the bill was so close to becoming law that they believed it would be good to get a head start in getting some players.

They had no idea that thirteen years hence, this would all be forgotten. Lee Zama, a Board Member of the Tourism Grading Council, has said that regulating this business would need four caveats.

First, the government would not need to protect player safety or set up support systems and centers for gamers suffering from gambling addiction.

Second, policing required both the government and operators to cooperate together in order to apply rules.

The remaining two were economic importance and equity; ensuring that all participants gain fairly.

Overall, a regulated internet gaming sector is still a long way off. Many want this because of the impact it may have on both taxable revenue and gamers who have gotten addicted to gambling. Only time will tell whether the sector is controlled in the future.

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