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Casino Lust Evaluation

Ooohhhh… seductive! To some extent. As much as the developers of Casino Lust would like to create something sensual, or at the very least remotely sexual, all they have accomplished is to create yet another contemporary, slick-looking online gambling den that is both lucrative in terms of winning money and fairly uninteresting in terms of concepts such as personality. Even a touch of cleavage would have made our day brighter.

Nonetheless, this is the situation we find ourselves in. To begin, gentlemen and ladies, anybody who believes this is going to be the smallest way sexual or provocative should immediately dismiss that notion. The sole recommendation here is the rolling ticker of promotional bargains that scrolls over the many incentives this casino website is making to players in return for their first signup, second deposit, and eventually recurring business.

As with many other gaming websites, these incentives seem to be rather substantial when you first visit the homepage—and appear to be something you should take advantage of immediately. Unfortunately, this is more due to the fact that they are printed in BOLD CAPITAL LETTERS than to the fact that they are truly fantastic offers.

A Spotless Page

Apart from the big bargains that are being rolled out one after the other, there is little genuine information on the webpage. At the very top, you’ll notice the casino’s name – Casino Lust – followed by a list of menu selections from left to right.

These are ‘About’, which takes you to more detailed information about the site; ‘Promotions’, which details all of the promotions highlighted by the ticker in the middle of the page; and ‘Getting Started,’ which walks you through the process of signing up and setting up using fairly simple infographics. Additionally, you have ‘Banking’ and ‘Mobile’, which provide information on the banking alternatives available to you and direct you to the mobile version of the site, which is important if your device did not immediately redirect you to this when you initially logged in.

However, what about the Bloody Games?

That is a reasonable question, and one that the creators of this specific online gaming establishment could certainly do with addressing. Simply told, Casino Lust is a download casino, which means that you must download software to your computer in order to play the games. So far, so good, you may argue. This is when things gets a little frustrating.

Rather than informing users what they may anticipate for their time spent downloading, there is no quick information about what games, sorts of games, and variants on games are truly available. Previously, we have encountered similar predicament, but there have been apparent on-screen allusions to roulette, poker, and slots. There is nothing here except a cheap graphic of several cards that have merged into either red flames or red flowers; it is unclear which, and to be honest, it is scarcely worth your time attempting to determine which.

On the whole, given that the whole point of an online casino is to play games, this makes the experience more irritating than, say, crossing a busy three-lane motorway without a designated pedestrian crossing and an important meeting on the opposite side. Now that the point has been stated, let us proceed.

Allow for Deals, though.

True, not everything about Casino Lust is a disaster. The discounts stated before are rather sufficient, and you can learn more about them by clicking on ‘Promotions’ at the top of the site.

In essence, there aren’t that many. You receive $25 free when you join up, and even better, this is not conditional on making any kind of deposit. Thus, they are essentially stating that they are offering free money, which is never a terrible thing by any stretch of the imagination. Additionally, the first time you make a deposit of up to $500, you’ll get a bet match of 200 percent the amount of your wager. Another good offer, although this one is only available on your first wager.

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