Methods of Gambling on Roulette

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The Gambling Houses with their Roulette Betting Systems?

Anyone who has spent any significant amount of time at the Roulette table has probably come across the ‘fool-proof’ techniques touted by those who claim to have discovered the secret to winning every time. Often, these fraudsters may even offer to sell you their method for making money.

When you consider the prospect of winning each and every round of Roulette you play, whatever money they demand sounds like a bargain.

Here’s a little secret we know at BestRoulette that nobody else does—there is no foolproof betting technique for beating Roulette.

Methods of Gambling on Roulette

How can we be so confident in our statement?

Knowing the rules of roulette can help you see why betting strategies are useless. Mathematical principles are the basis of roulette and all other casino games. Only one of the 38 numbers on the roulette table’s felt (between 0 and 36) will be the winning number after each spin.

This equates to 37-to-1 odds on a single number. This is a constant throughout life. The outcome of a spin of the wheel is always completely unpredictable.

This is why such betting systems tend to fail over time.

The Pivot Strategy for Roulette

To use the Pivot strategy, you must keep track of a number that appears twice in a row of spins on a table. In a series like (17, 30), (0, 24), (30), your pivot number would be 30. If you like that number, you can wager on it for the next 38 rounds.

Is the Pivot Method a Good Way to Invest?

Is the Pivot Method successful? Sure. The difficulty is that even though the payoff for a win on 30 is 35 to 1, the odds of winning are still 37 to 1. Not only are the odds stacked against you, but the payout structure of Roulette ensures that you will be paid out at a rate that is significantly lower than your genuine odds of winning.

The use of jargon like “the theory of uneven distribution” won’t alter that fact.

Changes to the Pivot Technique

The similar idea is behind other methods, although they involve split bets on several numbers. One strategy, for instance, requires you to divide your bets six times, giving you a total of twelve numbers to play with. You can reinvest your 17-to-1 payout from a victory on any of these numbers at a parlay of your choice. You repeat this process three times, resulting in a 153-unit profit, and then you leave the table.

The underlying mathematics of Roulette is the root of the system’s failure.

Pivot Method Probabilities

In terms of individual wagers, the odds of each of your numbers being drawn have been cut in half, from 37 to 18. The amount you win is, once again, a little under the genuine odds. When you consider that the 12/6 System also mandates that you win on three consecutive spins, it’s easy to understand why this strategy is doomed to failure.

The Martingale Strategy for Roulette

Using the Martingale System to BetThe worst method is not dependent on the sort of wager you make, like these other two, but on the amount you bet. It’s a strategy known as the Martingale method.

Despite how sensible it may seem at first, we believe it to be the worst system possible. After a loss, you double your wager and after a victory, you go back to your original wager.

Is the Martingale the most effective method of wagering?

The Martingale has this major flaw: there is no assurance of success.

When you double your stake after a loss, you’re taking on more risk for less potential gain, and a losing streak may quickly wipe out your bankroll if it isn’t already substantial. The system is effectively destroyed at this point.

Comparing Betting Methods Based on Bet Size

All roulette strategies may be broken down into two categories, those that emphasize either the sorts of bets you place or the stakes at which you place them. If you keep this in mind the next time someone tries to sell you their next secret weapon, you can avoid wasting your money.

As if that weren’t enough evidence, consider this: why do casinos appear to encourage the use of roulette betting systems? Blackjack card counters have a little advantage over the house, but casinos still spend millions on security to prevent them.

Gambling Strategies That Can Replace Roulette Systems

Roulette for Actual CashBets on hopeless methods should be avoided in favor of more practical approaches to getting the most out of Roulette games.

You can stretch your money even farther if you take advantage of the bonuses offered by online casinos. These may be rather lucrative, but you have to be careful when selecting them so that your Roulette wagers really count.

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