Nowadays, we often hear globalization term in our daily lives. Globalisation (or globalization) describes the process by which regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through a global network of political ideas through communication, transportation, and trade. We generally take this term for granted but globalization is an important issue and has certainly made someВ important effects in the world both positive and negative. In this essay, I am going to write about negative and positive consequences of globalization.

One of the leading negative consequences is that it causes inequality within and between nations. With the globalization, some disparities have arisen and some nations have become more powerful while others have weakened. In many poorer nations, globalization is the result of foreign businesses utilizing workers in a country to take advantage of the lower wage rates. If we compare the USA with Tanzania, it is clearly understood that America has become more powerful than Tanzania withВ globalization and the USA has moved forward while Tanzania has stayed the same or moved back. On the other hand, there are many inequalities within nations because of globalization, too. Some citizens have capitalized the globalization and made it beneficial for themselves while other citizens have not managed to make use of globalization

Another important negative effect is that globalization has increased the unemployment and led to low living standards for some people. Many people have become reduntant and many are in danger of becoming redundant. Globalization has eradicated the roots of small companies and many small companies have merged with big corporations. It has also led to low living standards and a lot of people are in danger of dying due to hunger across the world. Because of low living standards, many crises and social problems have appeared, too.

Disappearance of cultural diversity is also one of the negative effects of globalization. Every nation has a kind of culture and a way of living. Due to globalization, cultural differences become much lesser nations share a common culture resulting in loss of cultural diversity

Globalization has some crucial positive effects, too. One of them is that globalization has created new job areas and opportunities for many people. Communication and interactions among different countries has become more common and much easier as a result of globalization. Many people from different cultures have begun to understand each other better and many companies from different countries have signed collaborative contracts with each other. Educated workers in developing and developed countries are much more able to compete on the global job market for high paying jobs.

In conclusion, globalization is really an important issue and has really made many important changes in our lives. There are both positive and negative effects of globalization. Although many people are in favor of globalization, I disagree with these people and I am opposed to globalization.